SP-Star Ube Crinkle Cookies

SP-Star Ube Crinkle Cookies

SP-Star Ube Crinkle Cookies Linear Switches Feature:

  • Type: Linear
  • Mounting Type: PCB Mount (5-pin)
  • Materials
    • Top: PC
    • Bottom: PC/Nylon Blend
    • Stem: 13.45mm POM
  • Spring: 65g / 18mm
  • Factory lubed: Yes
  • Manufacturer: SP-Star
  • Designer: KNC Keys

Each order comes in a cookie box with an Ube Sticker designed by Seo_Bun. SP-Star granted us access to design their first long pole switch! We are extremely excited to present to you, the Ube Crinkle Cookie Linear Switch, which features a PC top, PC/Nylon Blend Bottom, 13.45mm POM Stem, and 18mm LONG spring.

Available for purchase at:

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