About ThocStock

In early 2020 I built a simple site, GMK.today (which may or may not now link to this site), to track GMK base sets immediately available for purchase.

Unfortunately, with the community’s growth and issues at GMK keeping up with the market demand, there has not been much to list on GMK.today.

Without many GMK sets to list, I started to make a list of other interesting keycap sets. I figured it would also be helpful to expand beyond just keycaps.

ThocStock is certainly not 100% of what is available to purchase. Instead, it is an opinioned subset of products I have used, find interesting, or know enough people in the community enjoy them. The stock checks are mostly automated, but there are still a couple that requires manual checks.

There is no guarantee I will list other products, but you are welcome to submit them.

Please feel free to send suggestions/feedback and additional products to [email protected].

About Me

ThocStock was built and is maintained by Scott Watermasysk.

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