Frequently asked questions

You are missing [Product Name]

There are a couple of reasons a product may be missing from ThocStock:

  1. I have not gotten to adding it yet. There are still many sites and products to add. I am fluctuating time between building and entering data.

  2. There is not room for all products. My goal has been to highlight the products you may have to spend some extra time searching for. Listing and indexing all known products is a bit out of scope.

In the coming weeks (maybe days?), I am going to make it possible for you to submit products easily. In the mean, shoot me an email at [email protected] if there is a product you think would make the site better.

Are you affiliated with any of the vendors?

No. ThocStock is 100% independent.

I have tried when possible (such as randomly sorting products) to not give preference to any particular vendor.

The vendors today are heavily weighted by where I personally shop, but this is less of a factor over time.

Delayed Products

Products listed as Delayed typically available to ship within a week or two. The products are often made on the demand or are on hand and just need proper QC (quality control) before they can be packaged and shipped.

This is different from large-scale group buys where there is no specific date known.

ThocStock’s primary focus is on products that can ship ASAP, but there are some other interesting products we can list (and some that will sell out before they are fully in stock).

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