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KBFans Products

It looks like there was a change made on KBDFans related to how they list something as being in stock and available. A fix to account for these changes was deployed yesterday and going forward we should have a better representation of what is currently available.

Share your own recommendations

You can now share your own recommendations with friends and family. All you need to do is create an account then click the "heart" on each product. ThocStock will generate a link for you that you can use to easily share your recommended in-stock products. We will also create a personalized page with all of your favorite products. For example, you can now see all of my favorite switches here: https://thocstock.com/switches?r=scottw

New Product Once Per Day

I have noticed a couple products have been in and out of stock multiple times in day. My guess is this is related to canceled orders, finding an extra item, etc. I made a change that should only send notifications to Twitter and Discord once per day per product.

Bulk Tools

Most of the bulk add tools for Shopify stores are complete (well, functioning). You should see many new products over the next week or two added. After this, I plan on making it possible for others to submit products which should help up the inventory on non-shopify sites.

Product Sorting

Products are now sorted alphabetically. My original intent was to give all products an equal shot at the top of the page, but as the number of products has increase this has made for a lousy experience. At some point, I hope to sort them randomly daily/weekly, but for now, we will stick the ABCs.

Discord Notifications

You can now get notifications in MechGroupBuys Discord of new product listings - See: https://discord.gg/6Huv8W38cF You can follow the notifications in your own server from there or feel free to reach out to me if you want them sent directly to your own discord server. I may in the future add my own, but for now, I am sticking with the keyboard community does not need any more Discord servers.

Change Log

You can now see a change log (in or out of stock) - https://thocstock.com/updates

New Stores

Added support for listing products from 1UpKeyboards, BearCable, and MKUltra.

Kineticlabs Inventory Checks

The inventory checks for Kineticlabs are now 100% automated (hourly like the rest). Big thanks to KBB for pointing me in the right direction.

First Deploy

First deployment. Thanks for checking out the site.
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