Notifications and Social Media


If you want to ensure you receive all in-stock product notifications, email is by far the best option. I will always send in-stock messages to all social media platforms listed below, but you are always at the mercy of their algorithms.

In addition, all ThocStock contests will require you have signed up with your email address, even if you choose to opt-out of in-stock product notifications.

Sign Up For Email Notifications


The world needs exactly zero additional Discord servers, but this will let me experiment with some other notifications (regional) and will help move some of the ThocStock discussions out of email.

ThocStock Discord Server

The Usual Suspects:

Twitter is probably your best option since they allow links, but way more of you seem to follow on Instagram.

And One More Thing

Peloton @ThocStock - OK, no in-stock notifications here, but let’s go if you want a different way to connect!

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