SP-Star Marble Soda

SP-Star Marble Soda

Introducing the Marble Soda Series Switches. These SP-Star switches are a linear switch, made in custom colorways to match our favorite carbonated beverage to pop open after an arduous journey, exploring the outer reaches.

About Marble Soda Switches

  • MX style switch
  • Designed in two different materials to offer a variety of sound and feel
  • Gold plated internals
  • Light factory lube
  • Packed in TKC signature switch containers
  • Manufactured by SP Star in China


  • 72g Linear
  • Nylon housing in melon color
  • POM stem, white

OG (Original)

  • 55g Linear
  • Polycarbonate housing in translucent blue color
  • POM stem, white

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