Red Jacket

Red Jacket

We did it… We found a linear mechanical keyboard switch that stays true to the Red Jacket. What makes the Red Jacket (OG) so special, was the cherry-esk sound signature and factory hand-lube. The Red Jacket 2.0 does not quite have the same sound signature but offers a new and intriguing sound, all while being buttery smooth stock. Don’t believe us? Stay tuned for reviews and the opinions of others.

KNC Keys Red Jacket 2.0 Linear Switches Feature:

  • Type: Linear
  • Mounting Type: PCB Mount (5-pin)
  • Materials
    • Top: UC Nylon
    • Bottom: UC Nylon
    • Stem: 13.5mm HPE
  • Spring: Double-Stage
  • Factory lubed: Lightly on legs, leaf and springs
  • Manufacturer: Tecsee
  • 52g Actuation | 60g Bottom Out
  • 2.0mm Pre-Travel | 3.5mm Total Travel

Available for purchase at:

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