Neapolitan Ice Cream

Neapolitan Ice Cream

Introducing the Neapolitan, the newest offering in our Ice Cream Switch Series!

The Neapolitan switch was crafted with our own **custom bottom housing mold ** to mimic the feel of a Zyko switch - a popular Frankenstein switch made from a Zealio v2 bottom, panda top, and halo stem.

While the Neapolitan doesn’t feel exactly like a Zyko switch - it’s pretty close! And you don’t need to buy more than one switch to get your Zyko-like feeling!


  • Manufactured by Tecsee
  • Materials: PC Housing/ POM Stem
  • Long pole panda-like tactile stem
  • Zyko-like tactile feel (minimal pre and post-travel)
  • 63.5g two-stage spring
  • Springs slightly factory lubed
  • 5 pin
  • Classic Neapolitan colors!

Available for purchase at:

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