Matcha Latte

Matcha Latte


  • Linear
  • Stem: POM, long pole
  • Top Housing: PC
  • Bottom Housing: Nylon
  • 60g bottom out, 15 mm length springs
  • 3.5 mm travel
  • Lubricated by factory
  • Individually quality checked for sound and feel by Invokeys Team
  • 5 pin MX style latches
  • Manufactured by Aflion

What are the Invokeys Matcha Latte Switches?

In collaboration with Aflion, a new manufacturer, we at Invokeys are excited to bring together the Matcha Latte switches! They feature a long pole POM stem inside of a PC top and Nylon bottom housing. With the standard features out of the way, what makes these unique is that they are designed to be able to be used completely stock, with little to no need for modifications. We believe the most daunting task in the keyboard hobby is lubing switches, so we’ve taken a jab at elevating that stock sound and feel. We’ve worked with Aflion on improving the lubrication process and are personally quality checking each individual switch here at Invokeys to ensure that sound and feel meet our standards. Of course, this may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but for those who are looking for a solid switch fresh out of the cup, this one’s for you!

Design Influences - Why Matcha Latte?

We absolutely love Matcha everything. It’s an easy go-to drink for us, whether it’s hot, iced, with fresh milk, or blended. It invokes feelings of comfort, homey-ness, and simply something we will enjoy no matter how old we get, so we hope to share these sentiments with you through our switches, design, and packaging. Enjoy!

“She say, ‘Do you love me?’ I tell her, ‘Only partly, I only love my bed and my matcha, I’m sorry.’” - Drake-ish

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