Invokeys Blueberry Chiffons

Invokeys Blueberry Chiffons
  • Light Tactile, inspired by MX Browns
  • Stem: Dustproof style, POM, long pole
  • Top Housing: PC
  • Bottom Housing: Nylon
  • 60g bottom out, 15mm length springs
  • 3.3mm total travel
  • 5 pin MX style latches
  • Factory lubed
  • Manufactured by Aflion

What are the Invokeys Blueberry Chiffon Switches?

Introducing the Blueberry Chiffon tactile switches! These are a long pole, light tactile inspired by MX Brown switches. These feature a dustproof POM stem inside a PC top and nylon bottom housing for a light and fun tactile experience!

Design Influences - Why Blueberry Chiffon?

Where we live and grew up in SoCal, there is a specific bakery that makes an iconic Blueberry Chiffon cake. It’s a light and airy cake that has ever so slight hints of blueberry flavor and cream. It’s regarded as being “not too sweet,” making it a household staple that we want to share with you all!

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