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Gazzew U4Tx Half-Thock

Gazzew U4Tx Half-Thock


Model: Boba U4Tx

The U4Tx is Gazzews newest switch and a semi-thock, semi-silent design. It uses a long pole version of the U4. This allows for a silent upstroke, and an audible downstroke depending on typing force. Many have dubbed these Half-Thock and love the sound.
They have the same excellent bump as the OG U4T with 5 pins that allow for enthusiast-level builds.

Housing Style:

  • White color-matched top or RGB version
  • PCB mount (5-pin base)
  • Light lube on the spring base (donut dip) and leaf
  • Rails/Rail slots are DRY
  • Thru-hole LED and SMD LED support
  • 65g bottom out
  • Dustproof style stem

Stem Style:

  • Gold/Mustard yellow thocky tactile stem (long center post)
  • “D” Bump profile (no pre/post bump travel)

Very smooth, reduced leaf and spring ping; filming and lubing are not required.

Compatible with all socket types - Outemu, Kailh, and Gateron.

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