Gateron SolDark

Gateron SolDark

Gateron SolDarks are a custom tactile switch designed with the intent of the housing matching DCS Solarized Dark alpha color. It uses the new Gateron Milky Pro housing molds and materials, with the same stem mold as the Gateron Silver Blizzard and features a custom extended spring. Top Housing: Nylon Mixture (milky gateron material) Bottom Housing: Nylon Mixture (milky gateron material) Stem: POM Full Travel: 3.3mm Spring Peak Force: 60g Bottom Out Force: ~53g (rated for 60gf but early bottom out causes it to be lower) Switch Type: Tactile Mount Type: 5-Pin (PCB Mount) Sold in Packs of 10, 70, 90 and 110.

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