This switch features a bright orange color, full nylon housing, JWK’s mystery material stem and 68g gold-plated progressive spring.

With the JWK produced full nylon housing, mystery material stem from their POM linear switches and progressive spring, this switch will have not only a nice, smooth, bouncy feeling when typing but also a very pleasing, deep sound signature.

This switch is in-stock and ready to ship, _ 1x quantity = 10 switches _

Prevail Epsilon Switch

  • Manufactured by JWK
  • Full nylon housing
  • 68g gold-plated progressive spring
  • JWK mystery material stem, linear switch
  • Light factory lube, 5-pin switch design

*This is based on Joininkeys new Sunset switch, whilst their version features a PC top/nylon bottom, ours is a full nylon housing. The Epislon switch also has a progressive spring compared to a two-stage spring in the Sunset switch*

If your PCB does not support 5-pin switches, you can clip the two plastic pins (leave the two metal pins alone) off. Prevail Key Co. is not responsible for any damaged switches due to error in modifying this switch for 3-pin sockets.

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