Cherry Brown Hyperglides

Cherry Brown Hyperglides

There’s nothing wrong with…Brown?

Love them or meme them MX Browns are probably most people’s entry into the world of mechanical keyboards. This batch has been produced with Cherry’s newest Hyperglide tooling, making them smooth, thoccy, and well, quite decent. Scratch is at a minimum stock and will only improve with a round of 205g0 or a short break-in period. These switches are just like ones in your old vomit RGB mess of a gaming board, but smoother stock. Same MX Brown feel same MX Brown light tactility.

  • Stem: Brown, Tactile (kinda)
  • Top Housing: Black
  • Bottom Housing: Black
  • Spring weight: 45g (actuation) / 60g (bottom out)
  • Factory lubricant: No
  • Pins: 5

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