AEBoards Naevy Switch R1.5

AEBoards Naevy Switch R1.5

Naevy R1.5 tactile switch by AEBoards.

The Naevy switch project has been a year of continual research and development into tactile switches. The current tactile switch market has been stagnant, without any innovation and most tactile builds require the acquisition of multiple switches to be put together - increasing over cost, waste, and effort.

The aim of the Naevy switch is to create a new type of tactile - affordable and good as a stock switch. We are still in the early days of where we want to be for the ultimate tactile but we believe that have something available to the market that you’ll love - a smooth, great new tactile feeling.

The stem is an original mold owned by AEBoards and it uses a panda derivative housing (most commonly used for tactile switch modding). All funding was paid for by AEBoards without any GB money involved - we believe in our product and shouldered the risk for this project.

Tactile Stem: MX Clear-like bump with extended pole

  • Bottoms out a little bit earlier and moves the bump to mid/mid-top
  • These stems have a different bump to halo stems and don’t feel like Holy Pandas
  • This stem mold is owned by AEBoards


  • Nylon Bottom, PC Top
  • Stem: MPE Tactile Stem - Custom Mixed PE - A proprietary MPE blend that enables smoothness and good shrinking rates
  • 58g spring
  • 3 pin

Available only in packs of 35

Available for purchase at:

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