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Gazzew U4 Thocks

Gazzew U4 Thocks

Available in QTY of 10 Quantity 1=10

**Starting 2/9 2021 There will be DAILY DROPS of stock @ 9PM CST (until supplies last) **

Its like a Gazzew U4 Boba… but louder (no silent rails).. and in Spicy Mustard. Tight housings abound. Let the THOCK be with you!

Switch Details:

  • Available in 62g & 68g
  • Tactile
  • Spicy Mustard Yellow Stem
  • Longer stem pole ( long poles for THOCK)
  • Light lube on leaf and spring base

Decision Discernment:

ThereminGoat gives U4T’s a score card

ThereminGoat reviews U4 Bobas

Deadeye of Keebtalk, takes good pictures and compared U4T’s to U4 Bobas

AnvilKeys does a U4T sound Test

Personal Opinion from Davis :

#TactileGang RISE UP. Housings are tight, they have a deeper tone, they are fine without lube, but when has lube not made any thing better? Nice round bump, not too sharp. If you had a U4 Boba .. this is that, but not silent. If you have not had the pleasure of enjoying a U4 Boba and want to try a great tactile switch, you found it baby! Add to Cart Now, I gotta order some more.

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