New for 2023
The newest iteration of TX’s excellent stabs is the “AP” version, or “Almost Perfect”.
By making the housing thicker and rounder, you have less wobble and rattle and a better fit overall.

**Now comes included with 6.25 AND 7u wires in the full sets for versatility. **

TX “AP” Stabilizers Feature:

  • Designed by kin25

  • Clip-In PCB mount Stabilizers

  • Doubleshot Stem

    • POM Outside
    • TPU & POM Inside
  • Stabilizer Stoppers prevent wire drop-out

  • Stainless 304 wires

  • Pom is Polyoxymethylene

  • TPU is Thermoplastic Polyurethane


  • Rev AP: Almost Perfect +Long Pole
  • Rev. 3: More colors and a new 1.2T PCB variant.
  • Rev. 2: Inserts were revised to fit more PCBs


  • Full Set Set

    • 10 Housings and Stems
    • 4 2U Wires
    • 1 6.25U AND 7U Wire
    • 1 Pack Stab Stoppers
  • 2U Set

    • 6 Housings and Stems
    • 3 2U Wires
    • 1 Pack Stab Stoppers

Available for purchase at:

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