C³Equalz X TKC Screw-in Stabs

Stabilizers (often called ‘stabs’) are keyboard parts that prevent larger keys from wobbling when pressed, and help bind the keycap to the switch. They sit next to the keyboard switch to stabilize the keycap when you press it. Here’s a 101 primer on stabs.

Stab sets are sold as 2 components:

  • Stab kit : Stems, Housings, Screws, Washers
  • Wires kit : Wires

👉 When you buy these, make sure to buy both a stab kit and a wires kit.

Alternately, feel free to purchase wires only to spice up your current stabilizer stock.

Whats new?

  • Stab housing were redesigned for better clearance in most aftermarket keycaps—yes, these work with PBT keycaps!

  • Stab sets are sold as 2 components:

    • Stems, Housings, Screws, Washers
    • Wires
  • For building keyboards, any key 2u or greater requires a stabilizer.

  • Spacebars require 6.25u or 7u depending on layout.

  • Pre-clipped stems.

  • Improved housing - makes it difficult for wires to pop out of housing.

  • Attaches to PCB with screws (included).

  • Stabs and wires sold separately, be sure to add at least one of each.

  • Alternately you can purchase wire kits only to upgrade any of your existing cherry style stabilizers.

  • Originally ran as a Group Buy from August 27 to September 10, 2020.

Available for purchase at:
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