This PCB DOES NOT work with the Singa Unikorn. The Unikorn uses a different JST placement. Additional PCBs from this can be ordered from Singa directly.

  • 60%, GH60 layout/mounting

  • USB Type-C connector

  • Two variants:

    • USB - USB Type-C. No JST connection. For boards with a USB cutout.
    • JST - JST SH 4-pin connector. No USB Type-C. Use only with daughterboards.
    • The missing connectors can be soldered onto both versions.
  • Compatible with QMK and VIA

  • Cherry MX and Alps footprints

  • Cherry PCB-mount stabilizer support

  • No RGB at this time.

  • This is an ANSI-only PCB, with bottom row support. See the product images for specific layouts!

  • Black core FR4 + gloss red solder mask

  • Split space: 2.75 + 1.5 + 2.75 (fits 7u spots)

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