PBTfans Resonance

PBTfans Resonance

PBTfans Resonance is designed by ok-c from OpenKey Designs and is inspired by the Braun Calculator ET series that started in 1977. The keycap set encapsulates a classic retro, industrial color combination that has withstood the test of time.

PBTfans Resonance Keycap Set Features:

  • Cherry Profile

  • Manufactured by PBTfans

  • Designed by ok-c from OpenKey Designs

  • PBT Material

  • Doubleshot

  • MX Compatible

  • Available in:

    • Base Kit
    • Numpad Kit
    • Spacebar Kit
    • 40s Kit


  • 1 PBTfans Resonance Keycap Set

Available for purchase at:

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