Key Kobo Nori

Key Kobo Nori

Treat your keyboard to some serious seaweed style with KNC Keys’ designed Key Kobo Nori Keycap Set! Inspired by the classic Japanese snack, this keycap set is the perfect way to upgrade your typing sesh with a little coastal flair. So come on and get keycap-er-ized!

Original GB Date: Ended 10/22.

Key Kobo Nori Keycaps Feature:

  • Material: Doubleshot ABS

  • Sub Legends: UV Printed

  • Profile: Cherry

  • Kits:

    • Base
    • Beige Alt Alpha
    • Beige Alt Latin Alpha
    • Dark Latin Alpha
    • Novelties
    • Spacebar

Pantones can be found here:

Available for purchase at:

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