KAT Katha

KAT Katha

Keyreative All Touch - KAT Katha

designed by Thesiscamper

In collaboration with Maxkey, RatratanX and Baybayin Buhayin

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As a word Katha is Filipino for “the act of writing”. As a keyset Katha is appropriately crafted in the KAT profile and proudly displays the colors of the beautiful Philippine flag. It likewise features sublegends of cultural heritage in the form of the ancient Filipino script known as Baybayin, which means “to syllabicate” or “to spell”.

As a system of writing Baybayin uses consonant-vowel combinations. For the Katha keyset sublegends each character is written in its basic form: a consonant paired with the vowel “a”. In actual use other vowel sounds are created in Baybayin using a small mark – Kudlit – added above for “e” or “i” or below for “o” or “u”.

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