GMK Mercury

GMK Mercury

Mercury is an element with the symbol Hg on the periodic table. Mercury is commonly known as quicksilver, and the reason why the symbol is Hg is because it was once called hydrargyrum. Mercury is the only known metallic element in a liquid state at standard atmospheric conditions. Mercury occurs naturally throughout the world primarily as cinnabar (mercury sulfide). Vermilion is a pigment created from grinding natural cinnabar or synthetic mercury sulfide.

Mercury is commonly known to be used in thermometers and barometers. These devices are used to tell differences in the atmosphere and are used by weather forecasters and scientists alike. Mercury is also used in dental restoration amalgam (mercury and metal alloy).

Poisoning due to Mercury results from exposure to water-soluble forms, such as mercury chloride or methylmercury, through inhalation of the vapors or ingestion.

Mercury is one of my favorite elements and inspires this set!

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