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GMK Hallyu

GMK Hallyu

_ Hallyu (한류 in Korean) means “The Korean Wave”._

It refers to the increase in global popularity of South Korean culture since the 1990s.
With this set, designer Bidulomachin wanted to pay a tribute to Korea’s pop culture through:

  • Hangul sublegends

  • Bright colors on a darker background to symbolize night life and party spirit, and to represent the wave with the gradient

  • Different icons : each one representing one aspect of Korea and its pop culture :

    • Korean cinema and k-drama (clapperboard icon) /
    • food (bimbap bowl icon) /
    • k-pop music (finger heart icon) /
    • Korean alcoholic drink (bottle of soju icon) /
    • Korean beauty, skincare and makeup (eyelash icon).
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