Vulcan x KBDfans MAJA

MAJA is an ergo layout keyboard design by Vulcan and KBDfans. Maja is named after Majapahit, a great empire that once rules southeast Asia. The glorious emblem of Majapahit called the Surya of Majapahit is beautifully engraved on the brass weight. The Maja is made with a highly precision CNC machine from a block of high-quality aluminum and a block of brass for the weight. The Maja weight (2.8kg) without keycaps and switch. Maja features an ergonomic layout with an 8-degree keyboard angle to give a more comfortable typing experience. The top-mounted case system combined with a brass material as the plate will give you a rigged, firm, and consistent acoustic sound when typing. To provide the best end-user experience available The Maja features a hot-swap with a full per-key RGB light with no switch soldering require to assemble the keyboard.

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