Savage 65 (PC)

The keyboard features the following:

  • Custom fitted CannonKeys hard foam carrying case
  • PC top and bottom
  • Black FR4 standard plate in 6.25u layout
  • Burger mount (Top mount w/ O rings) - o-rings included!
  • 7.5 degree angle
  • 20 mm front height (Same as Tofu)
  • 34 mm back height
  • USB-C port
  • Colored PC has a painted finish
  • CannonKeys designed Savage65 solder PCB (including VIA support)
  • Bumpons included
  • Savage65 PCB includes headers so that you can solder on and add WS2812B LED strips for RGB underglow. LED strips not included.
  • Polyfill will be included to achieve the intended sound
  • Supports Instant65 (hotswap and in-stock ), TADA68, and KBD67 PCBs
Available for purchase at:
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