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Prime_E Rev 2 Acrylic Case

Prime_E Rev 2 Acrylic Case

This acrylic case is produced in-house here at Prime Keyboards. We utilize clear/frosted acrylic to provide a matte top and bottom surface finish. On the bottom this helps diffuse the RGB underglow LEDs present on the Prime_E PCB. On the top… well it just looks nice. Every screw hole is countersunk by hand to provide a clean aesthetic. Brass heat-set inserts are pre-installed on the base and on the feet which make for a clean, straight forward build.

Here’s what you get with each case:

  • Just 4 layers

    • 3mm base
    • 9.52mm middle
    • 1.5mm black POM switch plate.
    • 6.35mm top/bezel
  • Acrylic feet that provide a 6° typing angle

  • PrimeKB Bumpons

  • All brass/stainless steel hardware

  • 3x light pipes for indicators, pre-installed

*** This case is only compatible with Prime_E Rev2 PCBs. **

* This product listing is only for the case. Switches, keycaps and PCB are not included.

* Other case colors may be available in the future. Unfortunately, for now, what you see is what you get.

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