Pikatea Macropad FK1

Pikatea Macropad FK1

The Pikatea Macropad FK1 (Full Kit 1) is an easy to assemble, affordable, underside mounted macropad kit. The perfect addition to any setup.

Programmable Macros

The FK1 is fully programmable with easy to use open source tools. You can program each button to provide input to your programs such as:

  • Control your music with play/pause, seek/skip actions
  • Activate your screenshot tool
  • Start or stop your recording program
  • Control the volume of programs independently
  • Control your streaming application, change scenes, mute your microphone, toggle an overlay
  • Mute yourself in a video conference
  • Adjust the computer volume with the knob
  • Switch your computer sound from speakers to headphones
  • Type out a phrase like a street address or a commonly used email reply

Available for purchase at:

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