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Pikatea Macropad

Pikatea Macropad

Easily programmable for any application, Pikatea Macropad GB3 gives you the input you need to manage all of your clicky needs.

3, 5, or 7 Programmable Key Configurations

The macropad is fully programmable with easy to use open source tools. You can program each button to provide input to your programs such as:

  • Control your music with play/pause, seek/skip actions
  • Activate your screenshot tool
  • Start or stop your recording program
  • Control your streaming application, change scenes, mute your microphone, toggle an overlay
  • Mute yourself in a video conference
  • Adjust the computer volume with the knob
  • Switch your computer sound from speakers to headphones
  • Type out a phrase like a street address or a commonly used email reply

A detailed user guide is provided

Configured How You Like

Choose a configuration that works for you! The Pikatea Macropad GB3 can be configured to have either 3, 5, or 7 keys. The colors, materials, switches, knobs and keycaps can also be configured! Use the product configuration to select something that matches your workspace!

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