IRON Alice

IRON Alice


Just like our very first IRON series keyboard, the IRON165 SE, this limited release features a giant through-hole weight and a simple yet very effective full isolation gasket mounting system, but we’ve jettisoned the brass for a huge 2.75 lb stunning copper weight. At the same time we’ve dramatically reduced the compression on the plate between the gaskets. This makes the board a lot easier to build and leads to a “softer” typing experience.

While the clean lines and modern industrial aesthetic appear unchanged the IRON Alice represents the culmination of four years of improvements where we’ve continued to iterate upon this time-tested design. Put simply, we think the IRON Alice offers the best typing experience in the series yet.

Form meets function creating subtle beauty in every angle and curve without sacrificing anything you’ve grown to love about IRON.


While some might just see yet another IRON the Alice is anything but. Not only have we continued to iterate on our design, we have also worked tirelessly to improve upon our already stellar manufacturing and supply chain workflow.

A premium product has to start with the best, most uniform materials available to ensure the best, most uniform surface finishes and the richest color depth one can achieve. One look, one touch in person is all one needs to see and feel the difference and know what it means to own a truly premium keyboard.


  • 7-degree typing angle
  • Improved full gasket isolation mount (less compression, “softer” feel)
  • Low-profile front height (less than 17.25mm)
  • Huge 2.75 lbs solid copper weight
  • Seamless case design
  • QMK/VIA compatible PCB, designed in collaboration with Gondolindrim, solderable only
  • Smith + Rune C3 USB-C daughterboard (variable center-mounted)


  • IRON Alice keyboard kit
  • IRON Alice custom keyboard case
  • Black aluminum plate
  • Solderable PCB, USB-C daughterboard, and JST cable
  • All screws and fasteners
  • Gaskets

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