The Godspeed75 is a 75% top mount keyboard featuring a USB-C daughterboard and USB-A hub. The minimal design of the board features a sleek and simple look. Designed by fropsie & BlindAssassin111.

About the board

  • Case Angle: 5°
  • Default Plate material: Brass
  • Additional Plates: For the sake of simplicity, the plate file was made open source on GitHub.
  • Mounting Style: Top mount
  • PCB: Custom Godspeed75 PCB designed by BlindAssassin111
  • Weight of board (Alu): 2.28kg / 5.03lbs
  • Weight of board (PC): 1.41kg / 3.12lbs


  • Internal Hub Daughterboard.
  • USB-C output.
  • USB-A 3.1 input.
  • High Speed Data Transfer.
  • High Amp Charging.

Available for purchase at:

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