Fjell is known in the community for its sound properties, design language, and compatibility. In addition, with more color and kit options available than ever before, you get the complete package from At almost 2000g, this keyboard offers a heavy, great-feeling 60% keyboard experience to place on your desk.


| Size | 60% keyboard |
| Compatibility | 60% poker / tray mount |
| Weight | Approx. 1.9 kg |
| Screw size | M2x5mm |
| Material | Aircraft-grade aluminium and brass |
| Angle | 8 degrees |

In the box

This is case-only, nothing else will be included. This is in the box:

  • Fjell Keyboard Chassis with all mounting hardware and pre-installed viewfinder bumpons
  • High-quality packaging

The keyboard can have anodizing hook marks on the inside walls. This is normal. There can also be machining marks and other small imperfections inside the case.

Available for purchase at:

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