The DD-40 by dededecline is a 12.75u wide gasket mounted 40% keyboard with an RGB LED strip sandwiched between the macro-column and main alpha cluster. Both WKL and HHKB top cases are available, and the seamed design allows for a two-tone case via available extra tops.

At a glance

The DD-40 uses a 6-point gasket mount.

The 6-point gasket system was chosen to give some slight muting that would not necessarily come from a top-mount. Additionally, the position of the mounting points were meticulously chosen in order to give the keyboard an exceptional level of consistency in both sound and feel.

The colors being offered are E-White, Black, Navy, Crimson.


• 6-Point gasket tab
• CNC aluminum case
• Black aluminum plate
• 4° typing angle
• Solderable pcb with daughterboard
• RGB lightbar

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