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DaringRun DR-70F

DaringRun DR-70F

DaringRun DR-70F is DaringRun’s first project and it is coming out strong with a reversible layout, high quality, and cost-effective keyboard. If you don’t like the normal standard layout, just rotate the PCB and top case and you now have a southpaw layout keyboard. With its 6063 aluminum case, dual-layout configurations, and sheer amount of features packed into this board, the DR70-F is a hit especially at its budget price point.


DaringRun is a sub-brand under the esteemed Wind Studio with a mission dedicated to delivering cost-effect products without compromising on quality and innovations.

DaringRun DR-70F Keyboard Features:

  • Layout: 70%+5%, Southpaw Compatible, XT Column

  • Mount: PCB Gasket Mount, Sandwich Mount

    • Gasket Mount Plate: Polycarbonate, 1.5mm, Three Split Parts
    • Sandwich Mount Plate: Aluminum, 1.5mm, Anodized Gold
  • Case Material: 6063 Aluminum

  • PCB:

    • Thickness: 1.6mm
    • Wired Hotswap, Bluetooth Hotswap (6400mAh Battery, 1.25ms Latency)
  • Polling Rate:

    • Wired: 1000Hz
    • Bluetooth: 800Hz
  • Software Support:

    • Wired: VIAL
    • Bluetooth: LDN
  • Typing Angle: 7 degrees

  • Dimensions: 401.9mm x 116.2mm x 32.4mm

  • Available Colors: Anodized Black, Creamy White, Anodized Silver, Anodized Red

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