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Cypher FRL Compact 1800

Cypher FRL Compact 1800

Cypher FRL Compact 1800

Designed by Cable Car Designs

Back for it’s fourth round, Cypher by Cable Car Designs is a highly regarded yet simply designed FRL Compact 1800. The light weight build combined with the unique but useable layout make this a fantastic board for those who work on the go.

At a glance

Cypher uses a top mount and full aluminum case to achieve a classic and beloved sound and feel. The low front height of under 17mm also allow for a very comfortable typing experience.
The colors being offered are Black, E-White, Burgundy, Forest Green, Pastel Purple.
The GB is not unlimited, but has an extremely high cap.

What’s included

  • Cypher FRL Compact 1800 Aluminum Case
  • Case color or silver aluminum plate
  • Solder PCB
  • Feet
  • Hardware
  • Custom hard carrying case

Colors Available

  • Silver, Green, Navy, Lilac, Black, grey, Midnight Green, Dark Green, Dark Blue, and Rose Gold
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