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Base Kit Includes:

  • Keyboard case
  • Keyboard plate (Black Alu)
  • PCBs(USB PCB, hot-swap keyboard PCB, LED PCB)
  • Carrying box

Case info:

  • Mounting method: Top mount (optimized)
  • Weight: 2.4kg – Dimensions: 340x180x42mm
  • Case: 6063 aluminum alloy
  • Finish: Water Plated + PVD coat (Jet Black & Psychedelic)
  • Machining: CNC
  • PCB: Hot-swappable
  • Layout: ANSI layout
  • Typing angle: 10°

The shiny matte surface is used to craft the CYBERBOARD Le Smoking’s aluminum alloy, which is a world-first in the keyboard industry. Matte surface sandblasting and mirror polishing is used to ensure the feel and uniformity of the sandblasted surface. To achieve a true high-brightness mirror effect is a true test for every part of the production process. With current manufacturing abilities, it is not yet 100% perfect. Therefore, there may still be small defects such as small white spots and minor color differences on the bottom of the shell. The all-new PVD direct plating process brings an unprecedented shiny mirror experience, but at the same time also potentially brings some subtle issues that might slightly affect the overall experience, these are considered part of the acceptable quality terms, if this is a concern of yours, we would recommend the Meteor Grey anodized finished.

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