Brutal V2 65%

Brutal V2 65%

Inspired by Brutalist architecture, designed by ai03

Designed by ai03 , Brutal V2 65% is a continuation of our Brutalist Series of in stock keyboards launched in 2019. Taking inspiration from the original series, this fresh take brings new mounting and design, while staying true to its roots.

At a glance

  • 65% Single-sided gasket mount, internal screw, internal weights
  • Aluminum plate
  • Plate foam (mid and bottom layers)
  • Brutal V2 65% hotswap PCB
  • 6.5° typing angle
  • CNC aluminum case
  • Included case parts
  • 17mm front height

What’s included

  • Brutal V2 65% aluminum keyboard
  • Aluminum plate
  • Brutal V2 65% hotswap PCB
  • CannonKeys hard foam carrying case
  • Hardware
  • Bumpons
  • Polyfill

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