BNR1 is an CNC machined rotary encoder knob designed by Binepad manufactured using a solid rod of aluminum.

The encoder can be configured via QMK to do just about anything. What are some examples of BNR1 use cases? Audio control - Volume up, volume down Scrolling -Scrolling up, scrolling down Tabbing - Moving between browser tabs Window movement - Movement between the previous window or the next window History scrubbing Undo or redo Scrolling horizontally And many more!

Available in 4 colors: White Black White top and black bottom Black top and white bottomWhat’s in the box? 1 x Top CNC Machined Aluminum Knob 1 x Bottom CNC Machined Aluminum Frame 1 x PCB with TYPE-C Port 4 x Rubber Feet 1 x Rotary Encoder EC11 3 x M3 Screw 1 x M2 Set Screw 1 x 4MM Acrylic Plate 1 x Reset Pin Timeline:

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