• Top mount
  • 75% layout
  • solderable / hot-swappable
  • **Type-C interface **
  • VIA supportable
  • Decorative accessories can be used as a Switch Opener

Three versions of PCB are available:

  1. Soldered version,Multi-layout support,do not support the RGB
  2. Hot-swap ANSI version comes with RGB underglow and per-key RGB
  3. Hot-swap ISO version comes with RGB undeglow and per-key RGB


  1. Bella Aluminum case and Brass weight
  2. Soldered PCB or RGB Hot-swappable PCB(ANSI / ISO)
  3. Brass plate
  4. Two foams: Case foam +PCB foam (between PCB and Plate)
  5. Cherry screw-in stabs
  6. Screws and rubber feet
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