Babylon is a “float mount” keyboard that chases after the old-school clacky sound signature, like the OTD 356 Mini. The process of “Absolute” design – which is inspired by the absolute value operation, in which a vector is reduced into a scalar – brings every element of a keyboard back into scrutiny, starting from something as basic as the number of screws on the board. After re-evaluating the effect of flex cuts, daughter boards, gaskets, and O-rings with the most attentive efforts, only the most effective design elements are selectively incorporated into Babylon. The result is a clacky, bouncy float-mounted keyboard, with minimal flex cuts to maintain uniformity of sound.

Kit Includes

  • 1x Babylon Case
  • 1x Fr4 Plate
  • 1x AD65 PCB - Solder ONLY. PCB is already VIA ready by default. (PCB is not mill-max compatible.)
  • 1x PCB Shims
  • 6x Poron Gasket Strips
  • 2x Rubber Feet Strips
  • 6x Gasket Pads
  • 2x 70a NBR Orings (5in OD x 1/8in CS)
  • 1x All necessary screws (4x M3x5mm Socket Head, 4x M2x3mm Pan Head)

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