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AVA is Sneakbox’s iteration of the famed Alice keyboard layout. Priority in AVA’s design was given to a dedicated arrow cluster and overall case symmetry.

AVA Keyboard Features

  • 6 degree typing angle
  • Seamless appearance: top shell sits completely around the bottom shell.
  • Blocked 4-key nav cluster on left
  • Blocked arrow cluster on bottom right
  • R Shift is removed
  • Ergo angle: 12-degree chiseled chin
  • USB-C
  • Tabbed “gasket” mounted switchplate. Gasket material adheres to plate tabs

**Hardware Included with AVA Case (listed in price above): **

  • Top + Bottom case shell
  • 5x 10mm M3 screws, 2x 14mm M3 screws
  • 6x silicone feet matched to case color as follows:
    Silver = Light Gray Feet
    Black =Black Feet
    E-White = Light Gray Feet
    E-Yellow = Yellow Feet
    Polycarbonate = Light Gray Feet)
  • Switchplate-mounting silicone gaskets, three full sets included (white, gray, yellow)
  • Case Bottom Badge/Weight (Sandblasted Brass, Electroplated Brass, PVD Surface Steel, Translucent Polycarbonate)

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