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AE x Ivery Praxis R2

Praxis is a collaboration between AEBoards and Ivery Designs.

This is the second round of the Praxis keyboard by AEBoards and Ivery Designs

Changes include:

  • Changed to a seamless design to allow for uniform colour through out the visible external surfaces.
  • Changed to a polycarbonate base with a slab-type weight.
  • Reduced overall bezel size to reduce desk footprint.
  • Reduced overall keyboard height for better comfort.
  • Changed USB port to USB-C with a better and tighter port cut-out.
  • Changed to Xelus’ VALOR Alice PCB that uses side firing LEDs.
  • Changed to AE Boards standard feet.

Kit contents:

  • Aluminum top piece
  • Polycarbonate bottom piece
  • Brass slab-style internal weight
  • Sandblasted Polycarbonate Alice Plate
  • 4x AE Boards standard feet
  • Custom fit AE Boards carrying case

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