Ouchkick x Space Desk Pad

Ouchkick x Space Desk Pad

In collaboration with esteemed artist Zach Puchowitz aka Ouchkick, we bring you the Ouchkick x Space Desk Pad.

This easily recognizable style has ZP written all over it and has nowsuccessfully bridged the two worldsthat are the MK community & the glass community.

Featuring some of his classic doodles, now with a few new additions.

You can use thispad for… whatever you would like!

* Please note: The prototype in the real-life picture was oversaturated, it will look more purple, closer to the digital render in the first product image

Item dimensions/weight (approx)
35.5” x 15.75” x 5/32” - (900mm * 400mm * 4mm)
1.2lbs (0.54kg) - raw weight
cloth top, stitched edges, rubber bottom

Available for purchase at:

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