Stabiliser Testing Station

Stabiliser Testing Station

Many people like to have as much of their build prepared in advance so that when their keyboard arrives all they have to do is tune their stabilisers, solder in their switches and assemble.

The Stabiliser Testing Station was designed so that you can lube and tune your stabilisers in preparation when your keyboard arrives. This is achieved by mimicking as close to the properties of an actual PCB as possible.

We have also included a handy unit sizing guide for quick verification of keycap sizes. This legend was scaled for standard Cherry keycaps, other profiles may vary slightly.

Designed in collaboration with Jels__


  • 170mm x 80mm
  • Standard 1.6mm thickness black core FR4 substrate
  • Supports 6x 2u stabiliser and 1x 6.25u or 1x 7u stabiliser
  • Standard Cherry keycap sizing guide (1u-2.75u)
  • 4x Bumpons

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