12 Days of ThocStocking

I had an idea over the summer to do a giveaway around Black Friday. I reached out to a couple of vendors to gauge interest, and they all said yes. I reached out to a couple of more and got even more yes’s.

As of now, there are over 20 vendors signed up with donations of 7 keyboards, many keycap sets, lube kits, custom cables, switches, gift cards are more.

Like everything with ThocStock, this event is already exceeding my wildest expectations. I am still working on details, but here is where things stand:

  • Start on November 26, 2021 (Black Friday in the US)
  • The only requirement is to sign up for the ThocStock email notifications, and you can even disable the product notifications if you choose.
  • You will be able to get more points/chances for following and sharing on various social media platforms (but this is 100% optional)
  • There is no cost to participate. I hope to show some love to our local charities as a community, but this will not be a requirement.
  • It is open worldwide, but some products may have some shipping exclusions

I will be sharing the vendor list in the coming weeks. If you are a vendor, streamer, artisan maker, etc., and would like to participate, please reach out at [email protected].

And, of course, you can jump on the list now.

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