DSS After School 1992 (40's / Ortho)

DSS After School 1992 (40's / Ortho)

**Keycap Details **

  • Material: Doubleshot ABS
  • Profile: DSS
  • MX Compatible
  • Designer: Dededecline
  • SP Stock Colors: BFQ, YCC, RCR, RCJ

Are you 40s/ Ortho Gang!? Do you have vivid memories of Lisa Frank folders and notebooks, Trapper Keeper binders and Saved by the Bell episodes warning you about the dangers of caffeine pills?! THEN YOU NEED THIS KEYSET.

DSS After-school, originally designed by Norbauer is a bright nostalgic sculpted keyset, with the 40s/Ortho edition being brought to you by Dededecline!

Supported Layouts:

  • All 30% and lower keyboard
  • 4-row ortholinear (Planck-like)
  • 5-row ortholinear (Preonic-like)
  • Numrowless Columnar Staggered Boards (Orbit-x, Reviung39/41, Corne, Kyria, Atreus42)
  • Numrow Col. Staggered Boards (Iris, Atreus62)
  • 10u staggered (QAZ-like)
  • 12u staggered
  • 12.25u staggered (Delilah)
  • 12.5u staggered (Whimsy single-spacebar, UT47.2, Humble40, and Dimple)
  • 12.75u staggered (Minivan-like)
  • 13u staggered
  • 14u staggered (Neko split space, TMO50, Adelie)

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