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BSP Classic Beige

BSP Classic Beige

With a dark black font legend on a creamy beige color, this classic style was a popular color combination for Cherry Corp’s mechanical keyboards from 1986 to 2009. We added three extra options to your liking of color. These are brand new, made with original BSP equipment, this set is perfect for keyboard enthusiasts who prefer an unassuming but classy setup for their mechanical keyboards.

  • Manufactured by the makers of the original company
  • Made with PBT with thick moulding, sublimation printing for long lasting
  • Keycaps fit on the more traditional mechanical keyboards with Cherry MX key switches
  • Made in Denmark
  • 85 keys

This keyset is made for winkeyless-style keyboards. Most of these keyboards have winkey blockers. This keyset is an exception as it carries 1x Window keys to replace those blockers if necessary. Numberpad kit (tenkeypad) will not be included.

Note: This set only covers a tenkeyless and winkeyless layout. Set will NOT include spacebars at this time.

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