Leaf 65% R1.5

Leaf 65% R1.5

Limited pre-made units.
**What’s included: **

  • Top case, middle frame, bottom case
  • Switch mounting plate
  • Main PCB and daughter PCB
  • Bottom weight
  • PORON stripes
  • PORON mute plate (optional to use)
  • Screws
  • Rubber feet
    **Explanation of the options: **
  • The front leaf logo is only available if you order the “with Logo” layout version.
  • The main color option is for the top case and bottom case.
  • The accessory color is for the mid frame , weight, and front leaf logo (for “with logo” versions). The plate colors are random.
  • The PCBs are all solder versions. The solder version supports various layouts for MX and ALPS switches.

Available for purchase at:

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